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Reggie Luck Productions is an award-winning production company based in Los Angeles, CA. If you have a script or a movie/television idea, contact us and we will show you how to take your idea from the written word to the big screen. Please get in touch to discuss your project by dialing 8056227771

Motion picture production

At our film production studios we utilise a full range of high-end audio composition and editing equipment. Our microphones and wiring are industry-standard, ensuring that we have the lowest possible noise floor, and we use top of the range mixing equipment as well as tape and DAW solutions, allowing us to deliver both analogue and digital solutions for every aspect of the project to client request and specification. For a breakdown of our technical specifications, please see our website or get in touch.

We take your idea to the big screen

Our music production pros are able to bring their diverse backgrounds together to compose, produce and polish original pieces from scratch. Their experience in the music industry spans the whole spectrum of creative production, and they are able to deliver fresh, bespoke musical content completely tailored to your film or project. No matter if you're looking for dark and brooding sound design to tie a scene together or a memorable jingle, we can help you out.


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